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Film Structure
SAGIPER’S highly durable exterior vinyl is a multi-layer film with an overall thickness of 170-180 μm.
The top layer consists of a polyvinylidene fluoride film (PVDF) and absorbs more than 95% of the UV-radiation, the second is transparent polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) and the base layer is a solid colour PMMA.
The base layer contains Solar Shield Technology (SST) to further decrease heat build-up of the film and the laminated components.



There is an extensive range of finishes, with dozens of wood tones, metallic colours and RAL’s, using PVC and coated with a film of PVC (Renolit), adapted to every specific requirement, guaranteeing perfect harmony with the surrounding environment, be it natural or urban.
Ideal for beautiful and protected walls, which remain perfect for longer, without the need for maintenance.


Exterior Metallic

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